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Super-hydrating, heavenly-smelling hair butters are the ultimate moisturizers for your kinks and curls! Transform your Twist Outs, Bantu Knots, Wash-n-Go’s, Roller Sets, and any other style just by adding Chubby Curls to your normal hair routine. Store in a Cool, Dry Place Best If Used Within 6 Months Of Purchase.

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Manushkka Sainvil is the founder and Moisturizer-In-Chief of Chubby Curls Natural Hair products. Raised in Queens, NY and Miami, FL, she is a self-proclaimed Double-Dutch pro and the girliest girl you’ll ever meet.

After graduating with a History degree from the University of Florida and later a Meteorology degree from Penn State University, she packed her bags and headed west. Like most young Black girls, during her childhood and young adulthood, she enjoyed the straight, flowing hair that came from chemical relaxers.

Over time she became frustrated with the thinning, limp hair that resulted from years of over-processing and took the leap to go natural in 2005.

However, it wasn’t until after moving from Florida to Denver in 2009 (talk about climate shock!) that she truly understood the natural hair struggle. She had been natural for four years and was excited with all the healthy new growth but had no idea how to style it and was bored with wearing a bun every day.

Natural hair products were scarce at that time and the few available didn’t deliver the moisture and manageability they promised. Manushkka decided it was time to research natural hair regimens and styles and discovered they all had one common denominator – a great moisturizer!

Thanks to her curiosity, creativity and months of research, she is now the Moisturizer-In-Chief of her own line of natural hair products – Chubby Curls!

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Our products cause cuticle layers of the hair to lie flat and tight which allows scalp oils to travel easily down along the hair shaft, giving curls fewer tangles, less frizz, less breakage and more shine!

Curls 101

How well do you know your hair? Below are 4 basic concepts that will help you identify your hair type and needs.

1.Do you know your curl pattern?

Use the chart to identify your hair curl pattern (note, many naturals have more than one hair texture)

Hair porosity
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Hair porosity test
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The hair cuticle determines hair porosity. The cuticle is the protective outer layer of the hair made up of flat cells that overlap each other like the shingles on a roof.

Low Porosity Hair:

The cuticle is flat and tight, making it difficult for moisture to penetrate the cuticle, resulting in longer drying time and product buildup. It generally gets better results by avoiding heavy products and loves steam or heat when conditioning to allow for full moisture absorption. Hair tends to look healthy and shiny.


Medium (or normal) Porosity Hair:

The cuticle is slightly raised, allowing some moisture to penetrate the cuticle, resulting more elasticity and manageability. Moisture doesn’t escape very easily and styles tend to last longer. Can also be prone to buildup so it’s best to avoid heavy products. Hair tends to look healthy and shiny.


High Porosity Hair:

The cuticle is wide open, allowing moisture to penetrate the cuticle, but also allowing more moisture to escape. Requires heavier products to moisturize and tends to be frizzy in humid climates. High porosity can be caused by excessive damage with chemical processes and heat exposure. Hair tends to be dry and look dull.

Pluck a clean strand of hair from your head and place in a glass of water for about 5 minutes. If your hair:

Floats: Your hair is low porosity – it does not absorb water easily but can retain what it absorbs.

Sinks a Little, Suspends About Halfway Down: Your hair is normal porosity, it takes on a healthy amount of moisture but not too much and can retain what it absorbs.

Sinks to the Bottom: Your hair is high porosity, absorbing a lot of moisture but it cannot retain the moisture.

Coarse hair is larger in circumference and generally stronger in its ability to withstand manipulation without breaking, it may also take longer to dry.

Fine hair is much smaller in circumference, although it dries more quickly, it is more fragile and prone to breakage with excessive manipulation.

This is your hair volume. Do you have a lot of strands of fewer strands?


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